Usawa Foundation is dedicated to seeing that girls have equal and comfortable school time as much as possible. We identified that this would be greatly achieved if we tried to help girls in rural areas acquire sanitary pads. By providing these girls with GFG pads, our vision can be reached easily and effectively. For this to happen, we set a few guides as follows to lead us there:-


  • The project should focus on secondary schools because primary schools are provided disposable pads by the Government.
  • Revisit the schools involved and get feedback after using the GFG samples.
  • Priority should be put in educating students about the re-washable pads before issuing the kit. Especially schools further away from Maralal Township. (Lorrok, Bishop Philip Perlo and Lpurtuk expressed a lot of interest in this project.) Most participants thought it was not possible to re-use the GFG pads. Intense training sessions need to be implemented when introducing these pads. Probably a few more samples when offering the training. It is mostly perceived hindering blocks because most of them had not heard of such products before. But they resoundingly agreed it was a better option to the unhygienic options applied by the majority.
  • Ones they are more receptive to the product, then distribution of complete kits to the student can start.
  • Students in urban areas (near Maralal town) have more access to disposables pads. They may end up throwing away the GFG pads more often than those in rural areas where they do not access disposable pads often or not at all. The most results would be felt in rural schools.
  • Make a trip purposed to giving interested women’s groups and social workers that we would partner with. Even though none of them have this as their core project they may come on board with good introduction and training. For example training women on how to sew the GFG pads, training a few social workers on use and maintenance of this product. The social workers would help in the follow up.
  • A good four wheel vehicle is important when visiting this county.