The determination to actively involve the relevant teachers on the local level was motivated by the view that it is the teachers involved who have concrete knowledge of the learning needs of the pupils as well as the limitations that make them unable to deliver quality teaching. Hence, it is only “the wearer of the shoe who knows best where it pinches”.

Relevant teachers were given an opportunity to share their life experiences in teaching at workshops and trainings on data validation and sharing of ideas on e-learning facilitated by Usawa Foundation in order to highlight that their knowledge and experiences are very vital while designing learning materials or policies to guide teaching and learning. The chance to reflect on the objectives of the teachers and how such objectives are actualized made it possible for the teachers to identify gaps in their own teaching practice and how best to deal with them. It was significant for the teachers to realize the similarities in their objectives as well as challenges that they meet during their teaching practice.

Videos were also strategically chosen and included so as to expand the knowledge of the teachers on the existing e-learning initiatives that are currently undertaken in Kenya. The experience from the videos was termed by all the teachers in participation, as an “eye-opener”. They expressed their amazement to the fact that other parts of Kenya were actively implementing e-learning while nothing was known to be happening in the Kisumu surroundings.